Sunday, February 27, 2011

March Book

Please see the edited book schedule below. Also, Jessie Kilger says:

"HEY!! I'm not gone yet! I still have at least 2 weeks. Please please please don't forget about me yet! :)

"That being said, I won't be able to host unless you guys want to read the Screwtape Letters (it's actually really short, only 127 pages in my copy) really fast and have the meeting during the second week of March (maybe the 10th?). If that's too crazy, please feel free to replace me."

So we will be having an early book club in March. Holly Decker is doing April and here is what she has to say:

"so... i have been thinking long and hard about what book to do this month for book club, because even though i REALLY wanted to read Gone with the Wind, its obviously too long for us to read in a month.

"but i found another book that i would love to read, and i hope all of us will enjoy reading it this month! its called MARIA, MY OWN STORY, BY MARIA VON TRAPP (1972).
i am a big fan of Sound of Music, and i seriously want to read this book to get to know the real Maria better. i figure that most of us have watched the Sound of Music, and that we can all enjoy reading about it this month. EVERYONE is invited to join us!

"i don't own a copy or know how many the library has, but when i do get the book i will try to read it quickly so that someone else can borrow it when i am done.
btw- beware that there are lots of versions and biographies of Maria Von Trapp- so be sure that you get the one i listed above which is written by Maria herself. (but you know, if you end up getting a different one, perhaps you can enlighten us with your knowledge on her from whatever you did read... so no big deal).

"hope y'all participate- its my first book club hosting!"